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imageI am a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Cooperative Education Degree in Honours Speech Communication and a specialization in Digital Arts Communication! I have a love for all things arts and crafts, as well as a passion for storytelling and fashion. In my spare time I blog at www.floralsandteacups.com, facilitate and organization craft workshops, and volunteer for not-for-profits in Toronto.

I love anything crafty and artsy, and that can be seen in my wardrobe, DIY projects and all around love for design and photography. I love mixed media when it comes to design, and I tend to mix my photography with both digital and traditional art methods. I love to use film when taking photos of my friends, and experimenting with its different effects.

Here you can view my ever growing portfolio of graphic and fashion designs and illustrations, writing, photography and video.

I’m going places (blogs mostly…)
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