University of Waterloo – Arts Stories

Rowan | Honours Psychology
Annie | Honours Arts & Business, Speech Communication
Alyana | Honours Arts & Business, Fine Arts
ENGL 408C | The Rhetoric of Digital Design
ANTH 355 | Human Osteology

RL Solutions Blog

Co-op Corner: Meet Matthew
The Journey to Becoming a Canadian Citizen
The Top Five Things I’ve Learned Working in Healthcare IT
My Last Co-op Term
Co-op Corner: Meet Kamadchi
Graduating Into #TheRealWorld
Finding the Right Solution
Co-op Corner: Meet Nadia
Co-op Corner: Meet Shakura
Welcome to the new RL Solutions Office
The RL Solutions Ping Pong Tournament
Co-op Corner: RUSCA’s Industry Appreciation Gala
Co-op Corner: Meet Victoria
Co-op Corner: Meet Skye
A Sneak Peak at What’s New at the RL Solutions Office
Co-op Corner: Meet Jacob
Building the RL Palooza Brand
Co-op Corner: Meet Andrea
Balancing Work & School
Life In the Big House
3 Things You Need to Know about mHealth
Co-op Corner: Scoring the Perfect Placement
Software Developers: Anything but Passive

*Stories that were not directly authored by me, were edited and/or curated under my direction.


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